Installing the winusb drivers for the Topfield PVR

(Henry Haselgrove, 5/2/2011)

This page describes the procedure for installing the winusb drivers for the Topfield PVR (standard definition models). For the context, please see the Antares homepage.

Method #1 -- Using the utility z4t  (simplest method)

Download and run z4t.exe.

Depending on your version of windows, you might see a warning similar to the following. Click "yes" to continue.

Changes warning

You'll see the following window appear:


Plug in your Topfield, if you haven't already, then click "Install Driver".

Depending on your version of windows, you might then see a window similar to the following. Click "Install this driver software anyway" to continue.
Driver warning

When the installation is complete, the following window will appear. Click Close, then close the program completely. You can delete z4t.exe from your computer if you wish.

Driver installation complete

All done! You may now run Altair (providing you have Altair_1.250.exe and Aldarin's dll in the same folder), or Antares.

Method #2 -- Manually install the drivers

If you are comfortable manually installing device drivers, you can do it that way instead.

Download and unzip the drivers :  Then, follow the procedure that is applicable to your version of Windows for manually installing drivers from a particular location.

Note that as a result of unzipping the file,  a folder "drivers" will be created. You need to specify this particular folder when you are installing the drivers. Don't select one of the inner directories, "x86" or "amd64".
The one appropriate for your machine will be installed automatically when you just specify the "drivers" directory.


I created the utility z4t by making rather small modifications to the program "Zadig", which is written by Pete Batard and is part of the open source libwdi project. I will happily provide the source code to z4t on request.